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Matt Michels

Passion.  Reliability.  Experience.

Seasoned strategy specialist and program manager for education, youth, and peacebuilding initiatives at both local and global levels

Core Skills

Researching and Writing


Success requires a forward vision and smart planning. I use big-picture and multi-tracked thinking to formulate flexible theories of change and detailed strategies to guide programs.

Giving a Presentation


Being impact-oriented, I want to know if what I'm doing is working and why. I integrate into my work continual benchmark-based monitoring, evaluation, and learning to ensure results.

Brainstorming Session


Drawing from current evidence while always innovating, I design programs that make sense for the context and see them through – start to finish – with adept program management.

political meeting


Strong partnership is crucial to success. I cultivate relationships with stakeholders based on respect, sincerity, and communication so that programs reflect everyone's strengths and priorities.

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