Matt Michels

Passion.  Skills.  Experience.

Seasoned program manager with 10 years’ experience in education, youth, and peacebuilding, working at both local and global levels on development and crisis response

About Me

Education: American ‘08 & Columbia ‘11

Languages: English & French

​Technical Areas: Education, Youth, & Peacebuilding

Skills: Strategy, Programs, Capacity Building, & Partnership

I'm a service-minded individual, who believes in peace and progress. These values animate me and led me to pursue a career in international peace and development. As a seasoned program manager with over 10 years’ experience in education, youth, and peace initiatives, I work along the full aid, peace, and development spectrum, specializing in strategy, program design and management, capacity building, and partnership. This broad experience gives me a 360-degree perspective of the international space, how it works, and what it takes to achieve real and sustainable results.

My experience extends from the global level to the local level. Globally, I worked with UNICEF for over seven years on education in emergencies, child protection, and partnerships. While there, I provided support to field colleagues, developed core skill sets
, cultivated technical expertise in adolescent programs, peacebuilding, and resilience, and contributed to policy discussions with international partners. Complementing this global-level experience is my work with community groups in Kenya, Togo, Tanzania, and Uganda on projects in education, youth development, health advocacy, and gender. My portfolio further includes evaluation efforts in South Asia, Asia-Pacific more broadly, and sub-Saharan Africa. I also co-founded a nonprofit to support community-driven youth peace education efforts, leading their program development and M&E for seven years. Currently, I shape and oversee grant management and internal M&E systems for the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies and cultivating relationships with new and existing public and private partners.

This diverse experience has allowed me to have broad impact in diverse contexts and to achieve results. It has also afforded me a full suite of skills
and the versatility to fill diverse roles on any team. Equipped with these experiences and skills, I build success by joining my passion for service with innovative pragmatism, broad capacity, and forward thinking.