Matt Michels

Passion.  Skills.  Experience.

Seasoned program manager with 10 years’ experience in education, youth, and peacebuilding, working at both local and global levels on development and crisis response

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Peace & Progress

These values animate and motivate me. Our world is increasingly universalized, with shared problems and shared opportunities. We can and should build a world that speaks to – and works for – everyone. This is why I work in peacebuilding and development: to build bridges between people and advance shared progress for everyone.

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Vision, Action,



My work is purposeful and deliberate. I use participatory methods, pragmatic approaches, and forward thinking to turn vision into action, and action into real and sustainable results. It’s not enough for me to check boxes on a list or to organize projects if they don't have clear outcomes. I look to have impact, and to direct my energy toward clear goals.



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We need to value, energize, and mobilize actors from all levels, and understand how actions at each level affect and reinforce actions at all others. I get this 360-degree perspective from having worked with diverse actors, from startups and community groups to the UN and international NGOs, on both realizing programs and shaping policy.